My name is Daniel Zamorano, and I am a freelance sound designer, editor and recordist. I have provided audio solutions for a wide variety of projects, ranging from sound design for animation and multimedia projects, to production and postproduction sound for short films, documentaries and corporate videos. 

Designing the soundtrack for a project needs a mixture of knowledge, skills, strategy, dedication and creativity. Every project is different. Dedicating time and resources to crafting a soundtrack that finds the balance between sound and silence, tension and release, and fits the dynamics and purpose of the project at hand, considerably elevates the quality of the final product.

It is because of my experience on such a diverse range of projects, combined with a cultured ear and instinct, that I can offer not only technical expertise but also practical advice and creative input. I can adapt my workflow to any brief or complete any task following my own creative paths. Working from my own studio and receiving all the material and instructions online allows me to accommodate even the most demanding of schedules in an effective and dynamic way. This gives me great flexibility to adapt to virtually any budget and provide a very fast turnover. I also have my own sound kit available for production sound and field recording.



If you need any of my services, or simply want to discuss the audio needs for your project, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to your message!

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